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Membership Development

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is a 700,000 member strong, world-respected labor organization. Since 1891, the IBEW has built an empowered work force and partnered with employers to face the challenges of an evolving economy and developing technologies. 

We represent a diverse collection of industries with members performing work in construction, utilities, broadcasting, telecommunications, manufacturing, railroad and government.

Why Join?

  1. Money- Union workers make between 20-30% higher wages than their nonunion counterparts.
  2. Benefits- Health care, pension, sick days and other such benefits are common to those working in a union.
  3. Safety- Incidence of injury and death are far less common to union workers than to those who are nonunion.
  4. Fairness- Workers are more likely to be treated appropriately because if a supervisor acts improperly the union will get involved.
  5. Security- A union worker cannot simply be fired or demoted on a whim.

All of these points are laid out in a contract with the employer which breaks down working conditions (work hours, overtime, sick days, holiday time, wage, benefits, etc.). If an employer breaks any of these rules, a union representative will fight on behalf of the employee to ensure that the issue is corrected. 

By standing with your coworkers you will gain a voice in your place of work, be treated with greater dignity and be able to provide more security for your family.

For More Information

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