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Political Action

From the IBEW constitution-

"And by legal and proper means to elevate the moral, intellectual and social conditions of our members, their families and dependents, in the interest of a higher standard of citizenship."

Local 160 supports candidates that support your rights as workers regardless of party affiliation. If the candidate is willing to fight for safe working conditions, fair wage/benefits and not simply your employer's bottom line we will fight for them.
Now more than ever our membership must become active politically for the wellbeing of our communities, our brothers/sisters and our families. 

Engaging in political action is not an option, it's for survival!
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Legislation to Be Aware of

"Right to work"

"Right to work" are a series of laws which make paying unions dues optional.  Workers who decide to not pay dues continue to remain in the bargaining unit while not paying their fair share. 

The goal of this legislation is to force unions to represent the same number of workers while receiving less funds to do so.  What history has shown is that "right to work" causes a slide in wages and working conditions.

Economic Policy Institute

Attacks on Davis-Bacon Act

Davis-Bacon establishes prevailing wage for work on government contracts. 

Workers on these projects must be paid on par with other workers doing similar work in the same area.

Minnesota Department of Labor

IBEW Media Center

Act 10 Legislation

Originally passed in Wisconsin in 2011, this legislation has huge impacts on collective bargaining in the public sector. 

  • Wage increases are capped
  • Contracts are limited to one year with wage freezes until the new contract is negotiated
  • Employers cannot collect union dues
  • Union membership is not required to be in the bargaining unit
  • Bargaining units must participate in a yearly decertification vote

Wisconsin State Journal


What to Do?

Contact your representatives!

Let them know about issues that effect your livelihood!

Contact your representatives

Vote for pro-union candidates!

Register to vote here

Be active in your union!

Day on the hill is one example of an activity which helps members engage in political speech.

Keep informed!

Regularly check the news and the IBEW Local 160 website/facebook page for information on current union issues.